Every picture has a story to tell

And so, the life long journey begins …

Started dabbling into photography since the beginning of this year.

My skills are still … well… far from satisfactory to say the least.
However, I DO enjoyed the process of taking photos. – It’s fun.

Arm with my trusty Nikon D5100 (w default kit lens), I always go trigger happy taking photos in my leisure walks around the neighborhood which I have lived for almost 3 decades. ^^

My instructor in our photography class always has this to say
Don’t be stingy, go trigger happy.
Each shoot you take doesn’t cost you money since all are saved onto the memory card

Come to think of it, I think he’s right.
I can take up to 50 shoots and might only end up with 5-10 shoots that might make it.

I will now be using this blog to share with all my humble shoots. Pls free feel to laugh at them if they are not well taken and you are absolute welcome to comment on my photos.

I am most happy to have you, join me in my little journey to improve and perfect my photography skills!

A beautiful looking flower

Now, here's shooting from another angle

13 comments on “And so, the life long journey begins …

  1. Koya
    April 29, 2012

    I look forward to seeing where your pictures will take us from here. Happy journeys.

    • ishooteditnblog
      April 29, 2012

      Hi Koya, thanks for your kind comments and welcome aboard!
      Pls continue to look forward as I continue my little adventure ^^

  2. tatjannam
    April 29, 2012

    These are lovely and you have a great eye, but I will say contrary to your teacher, instead of shooting many take the time to think about a shot (unless it’s a shot you really have to whip out the camera and get to it) We may have almost infinite space on our memory cards/compact flash cards, but culling and editing move quicker and our images will be fuller . I still after 8 years have the habit of “over shooting” . Your images are great! You’ll go great places! :)

    • ishooteditnblog
      April 29, 2012

      Hi tatjiannam, thanks so much for your encouraging works! It really keeps me motivated in my little adventure !~ =)

  3. Paula
    May 20, 2012

    You don’t need belitteling your work. You are learning as I am (though I am lazy and inpatient) and it is the beauty and joy that you see and capture around you that needs to be seen and noticed, it is not about reviewing and criticising your tecnical accomplishment at least not here not on this site. Well, it is just my humble opinion. Be happy, find and nourish the things that bring you joy and feel good about them.

  4. magnumlady
    May 21, 2012

    Beautiful photos

    • ishooteditnblog
      May 21, 2012

      Hi magnumlady,
      Thank you so much!
      So glad that you like my shots! =)

  5. Chris Perez
    May 23, 2012

    Great job, keep up the good work! Photography is addicting, and the more you discover, the more you work, and the harder you work, the better you get!

    • ishooteditnblog
      May 23, 2012

      Hi Chris,
      Thanks for your kind words!
      I do hope that in time to come, I can attain standard that’s as good as yours =)

  6. jmpix
    May 23, 2012

    All the best for your photography journey! And the process of creating a photograph is the best part. The gear is irrelevant…it is the photographer not the camera that makes the picture…look forward to seeing more of your work

    • ishooteditnblog
      May 24, 2012

      Hi jmpix,
      Thanks for your encouragement, Your words of wisdom and encouragement are really what keeps me going! =)

  7. strongmomalaska
    June 16, 2012

    I love how humble you are. I am a stay at home mom/wife in Alaska. I have NEVER taken a class, nor really know anything other than what I have taught myself just by having fun and not caring what others think. I too love to share stories through my pictures, and hope that if I can inspire just one person I did a good job. This second picture of the flower is my fav. So beautiful and I have a dress in my closet almost the same color, think I will wear that today = )

    • ishooteditnblog
      June 16, 2012

      Hi strongmomalaska,
      Thanks for your lovely comment and I simply find it hard to believe that you had never taken any class in photography! – You take great photos! =)

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